Luxury Arrivals
Belmont Villa - Port Antonio - 4 BRJamaica
Villa Staff:
Treat the Villa staff as you would someone working in your own home.

The day starts for the staff while guests are still asleep. The cook quietly places pots of steaming Jamaican coffee (or the beverage of your choice),on the verandah together with a wonderful selection of freshly picked tropical fruits.

  • The cook will prepare all meals and with the help of the other staff members, will serve and clear all dishes.
  • The maid will clean house every day, make beds, clean bathrooms etc.
  • The gardener will tend the garden, pool and helps as required in serving, cleaning fish etc.
  • The laundress will wash personal clothes as required (small cost).

    The lead person in your party should meet with the Cook and arrange the schedule and content of the meals with the Cook. The staff likes to have an organized schedule around which they can work. Remember they stay until everything is cleaned up in the evening.

    Please remember that meals may be served at various locations around the Villa, such as, poolside.

    The staff should not be tipped until the morning of your departure from the Villa.
  • The staff consists of: housekeeper, cook, butler, laundress and gardener. They have served on the staff for several years and provide outstanding friendly Jamaican hospitality.
    A security guard on duty at night ensures utter privacy.